Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Let's make a schedule...


My hunch is that you are already busily working with your group to construct a draft program. By next class period, your draft should be complete--that is, you should should have the names and titles of the three presenters and papers on each panel, as well as a panel title (again, feel free to just come up with a draft title for the panels--we can work on the fancy before-the-colon titles next week).

There's a place for all those abstracts... there must be.

To get a sense for how previous events have been scheduled and formatted, you should check out the programs from the two previous big ASLE conferences: Victoria and Bloomington. You should read these carefully and ask yourself whether we need "streams" or what parts of the program we might be missing. I've posted both the template schedule and a list of the presenter names and titles on the UASOnline course website; I also passed these out in class tonight. These latter two documents ought to be good reference tools, and should save you from a lot of extra typing. Also, I took iPhone pictures of our word lists from the board tonight--drop me an e-mail you like to see the images.
In addition to submitting the group-produced draft schedule (typed up and pretty), you should each type up a short, one-page response to the scheduling assignment that A) defends your program's structure (ideally, you would do this in relation to the other ASLE programs) and B) outlines the work you individually did and/or how your group chose to tackle the task.

With any luck, we will transform the four drafts into a single draft in next week's class session--so bring your thinking caps.

There are no comments to make here at the blog--unless you want to heckle me--but as a reminder:
  • LaTia agreed to draft a short paragraph about Celebration
  • Jesse and Jen are working on a short blurb about Sustainable UAS (sort of like this one)
  • Brittney is doing a quick blurb about local DIY sea-kayaking trips to put under this tab
  • Tom and I will draft a similar blurb for fishing.
  • Yosuke, meanwhile, will see if he can't find a photograph or two to jazz up our spartan website
Until next Monday,


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